Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Scott Vogel

hardcore is truely everything to me and this is one life hc truely saved..............it has given me a home, a family , best friends, an outlet, let me travel the world, its let me be myself and always accepted me for who i am.....but mostly i am thankful for all the values and convictions it has taught me........thats what im most thankful for.....
scott v 2003

Chris Zusi

"That’s actually a very good question, and probably something that a lot of people don’t think about and just take for granted. If I had to try to quantify it I’d say it’s the feeling of being a part of something special, something that was real. It’s like having this great secret that only you and a few other people know about. Back when I first got into hardcore, including me there were 3 kids in my high school (out of 1800 kids) that knew what hardcore was. You’d go to school on a Monday after a weekend of seeing Judge at the Anthrax and Agnostic Front at CB’s and just think to yourself “these kids have no idea what’s up”. I remember going back to school for senior year after Summer break – I had just been on a US tour for 3 weeks and these kids were talking about spending a week at the beach with their parents. Even though hardcore has gotten more exposure over the years, being involved in the scene has always given me that feeling of being like “I know something you don’t know”. To this day I could be at a sports event, wedding or some other public place and I’ll think to myself, “these people never saw the Cro-Mags, they have no clue”. "
Christopher Zusi 2003